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Why Master in Records?

As I promised last week’s post to share my experience which made me up into Master in Records and Document management field.

The decision has been made by myself. Even though some said better to further the other field because l’ll learn more and I got chances to have multiple choices of career. That is absolutely right. In order to be professional one, I have to be master expertise in one field only.

My journey has started when I was at government sector. At workplace, I have been taught to use all knowledge, experience, soft skills to be applied.

From day to day, I could understand better with the help of my great supervisor. One day, I got a first interview at one’s private sector. I went there and sadly a question was daunting, “Records management….what did you learn? Filing? Let’s  say here is my documents and put them in a file. What’s next?

I was shocked thinking deeply the question. I was not be able to answer. As the supervisor asked me, he taught me to answer with confident and explained the responsibility of Records Manager in industry.

Records Manager responsibilities here as follows to ensure managing:-

  • Records and Information Planning;
  • Develop a policy
  • Collection, creation, receipt and capture;
  • Organization
  • Use and dissemination
  • Maintenance, Protection & Preservation
  • Disposition
  • Compliance/Audit Improvement

More details may refer to this link Records Manager Responsibilities

The reason of further studies is not get promoted but learning in more details which make me realize how Records Management is important and I hope one day I would be able to answer my next interview with confidently.