INFJ Personality

I am happy to know who am I now.

I learn to understand about myself more. It is about my personality. Now I realize why many people could not understand me and I got upset what happen to me. People call me weird because my attitude, behavior and the way I am thinking about something.

I am an INFJ. 2% of the population. Now, I more understand why I am complicated person ever.

The hurtful to be said is I wish people have kindness like me. Just help people without doubt. However, it doesn’t turn in that way. When I seek their help, it seems they don’t want to volunteer to speak first, ” how can I help you” or “I got the idea to help by doing……..”

I think the nature of me to help people and wish could put smile on their face. Today, I know now who I am. I need to learn enjoy my personality and be sincere when helping people and do not put any  hope that they will help you back.

Let Allah reward your kindness and ask HIM when you are in difficulties situation.

Those screenshots were taken from YouTube.

I tried this website 😘👇have a try*


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Do share with me your tough life as INFJ. 😉


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