Past is Past

The phrase above is always be mentioned when trying to avoid from quarrelling.

There is a thing happen to my life which ponder over what happened is not  supposed to be happened.

1. Control the anger

I should get off from any conversation that make me talking to the past.

What happen is that it is beyond my control.

The effect is the relationship wasn’t so smooth.


2. We’ll discuss back

So far, I’ve been thought better to say, ” we’ll discuss back when our emotional is normal.”

Does the explanation helps during anger?

It does when I successfully manage my anger and never ever to think to talk the past.


3. Never say what kindness I have done.

The worst ever I mentioned my kindness. It sounds I am better than that person.

This ways make the problem becomes endless, the solution becomes pointless.


4. When anger, please think her/his kindness

Think positive helps a lot. All human beings make mistakes.

We always think about 1 weaknesses whilst she/he  has 5 kindness for us to remember.


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