15 Wish Lists of Single Woman


By 23 years, now realize many things need to be accomplished. The thing is when I am getting married soon and life is single person may be gone soon.

  1. Spend time alone to windows shopping

Result: April 2016 Sunway Putra Mall. I realize I don’t like to windows shopping alone.

   2. Watching cinema alone without any friends. Laughing, crying alone there.

Result: May 2016 NO time to watch cinema. Preferably when someone treats me lolz.                            Focusing to learn, class, short courses anything that helps me improve myself.

   3.The critical part ever in my life, learn to drive.  My license with me has   been than 5                years, I’ve got no confident to drive alone

Target: May- August (4 months left)

Result: 08th May 2016 I have tried to drive from Setiawangsa at midnight. I have gained                       my confident… More practices please!

  1. Target to write a book and publish them.
  2. Target on @saya.jual sells and other sides businesses around rm500 per month
  3. Swimming Class ( no idea when to start)
  4. Apply master in records management. Target 3.70 first semester
  5. Getting married in young age. 23 perhaps.
  6. Learn 10 simple recipes for noob like me. I’ve never cook for 23 years hehe…especially Malay food. Need to learn because I am Malay . always try other than Malay food because the taste is delicious. Hoho…

This list looks very simple to others. Don’t compare with noob like me.

  1. Fried the chicken. Make sure it cook well . Fried always fail so got frustrated ! Ayam Masak Merah
  2. Ikan Keli bercili
  3. Ikan Bawal Masak 3 Rasa
  4. Ayam masak kicap
  5. Sambal Sotong
  6. Mee Basah
  7. Keuy Teow Goreng
  8. http://idaddapur.blogspot.my/2010/08/ayam-goreng-ala-ala-kfc.html
  9. http://idaddapur.blogspot.my/2010/06/cheesy-chicken-ball.html
  10. Mee Hun Goreng

10.Memorize Al-Quran part of Juz 30. How many years striving but as always just refresh the intention only. No effort. Fuh!!!

11. Learn to sew pouch bag

12. Plan to go other states and enjoy the scenes.

13. Teaching New Muslim Class

Result: I am teaching New Muslim Class starts on April 2016, for those intentionally to learn before revert. Anyone interested are welcome to email me dearnurain@gmail.com

14. Learn Photoshop

Result: I learned at IIUM. Basic Photoshop. Gonna explore more for intermediate steps. Will update on my blog.

15. Open booth.

Result: I started business for first time at Puncak Alam on 6th-8th May and continued to                     9th-12th May. It was such  a great thing to explore, enjoy, learn




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